Analyse this

With the vast majority of records now stored electronically, e-analytics has become essential because there are no longer ‘paper trails’ in the traditional sense. This combined with the dramatic increases in volume of data and information mean that it is vital that tools with the capability to carry out targeted analysis are deployed. Single e-mails … Continue reading “Analyse this”

Time for BIM Minecraft

  The video link above shows a Minecraft construction challenge: a virtual, neutral environment. Six players, four active and two that may join the group later.  Different skills, different ages, collaborating from remote location across the globe. Playing with clear rules and zero risks. Minecraft is the revolutionary collaborative game developed by Swedish programmer Markus “Notch” Persson and … Continue reading “Time for BIM Minecraft”

Make sense of it all

I was reading the other day that according to IBM, ninety per cent of the world’s data has been produced in just the past two years.  It seems to me that very few organisations have been left out of this burgeoning swell in electronically stored and managed information that has over time eroded the traditional … Continue reading “Make sense of it all”

The Great Rock and Roll Swindle

When many out there in the social media piazzas are questioning the relevance of ice bucket vanity gone viral, we had our very own cold shower when interviewing Pete Halsall, CEO of Good Homes Alliance on multiculturalism, UK planning and the moral obligation of the next generation. G4C mission is to push the boundaries of … Continue reading “The Great Rock and Roll Swindle”

What it it about speed mentoring?

I would call it unconditional personal altruism. I will also try to explain why. Last night the CIC 2050Group organised a speed mentoring event at Argent’s headquarters in that urban regeneration masterpiece that is now King’s Cross in London. Just to avoid any confusion, speed mentoring has got nothing to do with finding your twin … Continue reading “What it it about speed mentoring?”

Future of Housing

G4C was recently invited by RICS to take part in a roundtable discussion on how to speed up housing delivery in the UK. Cost of land was high on the agenda as much as the long debated inefficiency in timing infrastructural planning with electoral cycles. Where G4C made the difference was in highlighting the long … Continue reading “Future of Housing”

Peter Hansford

Rebranding Construction

Constructing Excellence G4C, RIBA and CIC 2050Group have joined forces to kick-start a cross industry campaign to improve the public perception of the construction sector. A panel debate was hosted by the RIBA on the 17th June and chaired by Antonio Pisano, co-founder of Marcel Mauer Architecture and co-chair of Constructing Excellence G4C. Key note … Continue reading “Rebranding Construction”

Heritage and regeneration, in conversation with Sir Donald Insall

Heritage plays a crucial role in informing, limiting or catalysing urban regeneration. Through conservation and listed building regulations the Local Authority gains leverage to pursue the public agenda as much as private developers can rely on a market advantage to ensure positive outcome for their investments. We would like to hear your point of view … Continue reading “Heritage and regeneration, in conversation with Sir Donald Insall”