Who we are

Current Chairs

Robin Lapish
G4C presents a fantastic, unrivalled opportunity to connect with like-minded, passionate young people across the built environment industry.  I got involved because I wanted to branch out beyond my work network and get to know people doing different things on different projects.  It’s a fun, inclusive place to be and we get great opportunities to influence and meet people at the highest levels of the industry.  Increasingly, our current leaders are looking to younger people for answers – never before have we had such an opportunity to help spearhead the shift to a digital, modern and sustainable sector.  Let’s take it.

Caroline Key
I joined G4C in Yorkshire back in 2011 and I was welcomed by a group of passionate young people from all walks of the industry who really wanted to make a difference, to pioneer change. From that day I knew that G4C was something I wanted to be a part of, a place to share thought provoking ideas, push the boundaries of the industry and make lasting relationships with like-minded individuals. G4C provides a platform to express your ideas, grow your network making an impact, and gives exposure to some of the most dynamic thought leaders in our sector while of course enjoying yourself along the way! It’s an exciting time for our industry, an industry which I am proud to be a part of and it’s a real privilege to be part of G4C. As a movement we will be at the forefront of the agenda creating a sector which is collaborative, innovative and sustainable.