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G4C (Generation for Change) is the young professional voice of the UK built environment industry, and an integral part of Constructing Excellence, the single organisation charged with driving the change agenda in construction.

As the only truly cross-industry, independent young professional movement, we exist to champion change and drive the transformation of our industry.

We care because one day we’ll be managing the outcomes of today’s decisions.  So we want to harness the power of the next generation.  We want an industry that is world-leading – world-leading because it is collaborative, inclusive, sustainable and innovative; delivering excellence not as an act, but as a habit.

So whether you’re a designer, engineer, architect, surveyor, programmer or procurer, working for an SME, contractor, consultant or client, we want to hear from you.

We want the provocateurs, the disrupters, the innovators to come forward.  We’ll give you the platform to express your ideas, grow your network and make an impact, with exposure to some of the most dynamic thought leaders in our sector.

Join, attend and contribute to our:

  • Industry events;
  • Blog posts;
  • Research and thought leadership;
  • Social events;
  • Online discussions (through Slack, our cloud-based team communication tool)

Our membership extends over 10 regions, each of which is ran by a committee of dedicated volunteers and a chair or co-chairs.  Nationally, G4C is directed by our two national co-chairs, who are appointed to serve a two-year tenure.  We always strive to achieve a diverse group of chairs and committee members, including at least 50% female participation.

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“Excellence is doing a common thing in an uncommon way” Albert Einstein