G4C Who?

Those of you who don’t know us are probably scratching your head thinking who are they then?

Hopefully by the end of this post you’ll know a bit more about not only who we are but what our vision is and why you should get involved.

That’s all well and good but you’re possibly still sat there scratching your head thinking so what?!?!

We are a sub-group of Constructing Excellence and our mission is to change the construction industry. Why? Because one day we will be the ones managing the outcomes of todays decisions.

We seek to harness the power of the next generation to change the construction industry for the better in line with recommendations initially made in the Egan and Latham reports, further emphasised in rethinking construction and recently published in the 2025 vision.

An ever growing regional base is making G4C more accessible to the UK as a whole and our online presence continues to grow giving everyone an opportunity to put their opinion forward and add their name to our voice.

We will be running events on a number of issues and opportunities from sustainability and BIM to the image of construction and as recent blog highlighted open/Big Data and the construction 2025 strategy. These events will be held across the regions and wherever possible be available online via live streaming.

Our LinkedIn group and this blog will give opportunity to start discussions and put forward the opinion of our generation to the wider industry. As our membership base grows so does the strength of our argument.

If you’re passionate about the industry and want to drive it forward we are the place for you, our generation will be the leaders of this industry in 2025.

Let’s make it our industry.

Let’s start to shape it in our image now.

Let’s make sure the 2025 vision is our vision.

It’s down to us! If you are also passionate about the future of the construction industry join us and take part in our events, workshops, debates and seminars.